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Project 52 (whenever) is a collection of photographs over 52 weeks of the year. In reality, I am very busy, so I add pictures occassionaly. Some may be interesting and worthy of framing while others may be less so. Sometimes I will use my "good" camera and other times I will use my iPhone or Galaxy. Either way, I hope you enjoy the collection.
Week 2 of Project 52Week 2 of Project 52Week 1 of Project 52 Title: Purple Haze WinterWeek 2.5 of Project 52Week 4 of Project 52Week 5 of Project 52Week 7 of Project 52Week 8 of Project 52Week 9 Project 52  Polar Plunge 2013 Title:  FearlessWeek 12 Project 52 "On The Farm"Week 13 Project 52 "Say My Name"

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